Names for Hypothetical Future Children

So, as those of you who are my friends on Facebook know, I recently discovered baby name blogs on the Internet and have become slightly obsessed.  I came up with a bunch of reasons to justify my obsession, but then I thought I’d just skip the justification and embrace my weirdness. Here are a few of my current faves (by gender, otherwise in no particular order), along with reasons why I like them, as well as nicknames.

Agatha Leigh, aka Agatha (not Aggie!)

I like Agatha because it has that vintage 1930s English feel thanks to Agatha Christie, and I like Leigh because it’s Dorothy L. Sayers’ (another favorite mystery writer of mine) middle name.  Also, I think it flows nicely.  Also, “Agatha” means “virtuous woman” which I think is a nice meaning.

Domenica Mireille, aka “Carly”

I love the meaning of “Domenica”- it means “belonging to the Lord.”  Plus, it would allow me to use “Carly” as a nickname (I know, a bit of a stretch, but Carla sounds dated and Carly as a formal name sounds a bit juvenile.  Donna would also be a potential nickname that’d I’d love, thanks to Doctor Who).  Mireille is French and means “admired.”  It’s pronounced Meer-AY, and I just thought it sounded pretty.

Lydia Elizabeth, aka “Liddy”

Lydia just means “from Lydia”, but Lydia is one of my favorite Bible names for women (also a neat Bible character- she was a businesswoman!).  Elizabeth is my middle name, and means “God has sworn an oath.”  I thought the two names flowed nicely together.  Also, I like the nickname Liddy.

Eugenie Cordelia, aka “Jenny”

Eugenie is my newest “name crush” (according to Nameberry, the name blog I registered with, that’s actually a thing).  It’s pronounced YOU-zhen-ay.  I like it because Eugene is my grandfather’s middle name (he goes by Gene) so it would be a nice way to honor him.  Also, it has a nice royal ring to it, thanks to Great Britain’s Princess Eugenie (Ironically, Eugenie means “well-born”.  Wonder if Prince Andrew and Fergie realized that when they picked it out, lol). Plus, it would allow me to use the nickname “Jenny”, which I love, without using either Jennifer or Genevieve (I loathe Jennifer, and am not a huge fan of Genevieve). Cordelia means “jewel of the sea”, and I’ve liked it ever since I read Anne of Green Gables (Cordelia was the name Anne wished she had).  Plus, it was the name of a character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which adds to its modern cool factor.

Gregory Joseph, aka “Rory”

I just don’t enjoy picking out boy names as much as I do girls’ names.  But Rory is definitely my top pick for a boys’ name, thanks to Doctor Who.  I think Rory by itself sounds a little too informal, so I thought I’d formalize it to Gregory (which happens to be my dad’s name).  I chose Joseph because I like the Biblical story of Joseph, and I figured a potential boy should get a middle name, too.


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