More Future Boys’ Names

Obviously, boys were severely discriminated against in my last blog post (mostly because I can’t think of good first/middle combos).  So I’ve decided to rectify the situation by dedicating an entire blog post to boys’ names.  I’m not going to try to come up with combinations, since it’s just too hard.  So here are the names jockeying for second place*:


A biblical name that means “listener.”  I think this one has a nice vintage feel.  It’s rapidly moving up my favorites list, and may even be my second favorite boys’ name (after Rory).


Means “blessed”, which I like.  Name of the former pope, which (whom?  Having a grammar moment here) I also like.  Also, Benedick is the male lead in my favorite play Much Ado About Nothing (I changed the ending for obvious reasons).  Bennett, the English medieval form of Benedict, might be a possible substitution.


Reminds me of Arlo Guthrie.  Has that “folksinger” kind of image but isn’t over-popular like Dylan is (although Bob Dylan is so awesome I might go ahead and use it anyway if I ever have a boy).


After Johnny Cash of course.  I love both his music and his life story.  I’m not a big fan of word names though, so I might use it as a middle name instead of a first name.


Apparently, this is a German variation of Robert, and means “bright fame.”  I mostly like it because it reminds me of the character Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Because of that, it makes me think of a British librarian.  However, a future son of mine might not share my enthusiasm for that associated image, which is why I’m on the fence about it.


I’m not sure what I think of this one, but I associate it with Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables, so I thought I’d include it.  Also, apparently the “G.” in G.K. Chesterton stands for Gilbert.


Means “peaceable ruler.”  I like the nickname Fred.


It means “wise-protector”, which I like.I like the nickname Ray, but I don’t think I’d use it as a stand-alone name.  I’m not crazy about Raymond though.  Plus, having a Rory AND a Ray could get confusing.


After Abraham Lincoln, of course!  This might be my third favorite boys’ name (behind Rory and Simon).  The only downside is the nickname “Linc/k” which reminds me of the video game character one of my cousins was obsessed with when he was four.

*Minus Anthony and Daniel, which are names I love but are really popular.  Maybe by the time I have kids they’ll be less so.