Possibly Switching Majors

So, I’m currently trying to decide if I should switch majors when I go back to Truman in the fall.  Any advice would be much appreciated, so PLEASE comment below if you have any comments about my choices below, or if you would like to add another major you think I should consider.

(Staying With) Computer Science: The advantages include a shorter time till graduation, many friends currently in the major, an excellent rapport with my advisor, and good prospects of finding a well-paying job afterwords.  The disadvantages include the fact that I’ve discovered I hate programming, and don’t want to be a CS professor, which is pretty much it for job options as far as I know.

Political Science: I love political science!  It was my major freshman and sophomore year, so I already have had a fair amount of classes and know the faculty.  The downside is that I don’t want to be a lawyer, and most of the interesting foreign policy jobs are very competitive and/or require insane hours.  I don’t want to be a political science professor either — I hear there aren’t that many openings, and it would require many years in grad school, which I’d rather avoid, especially with uncertain job prospects afterwards.

Spanish: I like Spanish.  I speak and read it fairly well, which I’m told is a good skill to have in today’s world.  I’ve done some volunteer ELL tutoring at the Catherine McAuley Center in Cedar Rapids that I really enjoyed, where I got to use my Spanish skills a bit.  I could become a teacher, or maybe work in a business.  I’m not crazy about business, but if I got to speak Spanish it might be worth it.  However, majoring in Spanish would delay my graduation even more than it already has been delayed.

Math: I’m not passionate about math, but I’m good at it and I really enjoy helping people with their homework and getting them to understand the concepts behind the algorithms.  I’d most likely become a math teacher, which I can kind of see myself doing.  I was involved in math club in middle school and high school, and had a lot of good experiences with it, and it might be fun to coach a math club team.  This option would also push my graduation date back.