The Companions of “Doctor Who” (and Why Donna Noble Was the Best!)

Finally, a “Doctor Who” post!

First off, there WILL be spoilers!  Obviously for the fourth season, and actually all the way up though this year’s Christmas special.  So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Let’s start with the first companion of the modern era- Rose Tyler.  When I started watching the series, I liked her perfectly fine.  I even went along with the whole 10th Doctor/Rose love story (because let’s face it, what girl wouldn’t have a bit of a crush on David Tennant’s Doctor?).  Yes, she treated Mickey like crap.  But having nothing to compare her to, I thought she was great.  However, when I rewatched some of the first and second season episodes, I thought she seemed really annoying and immature.  And I still can’t decide if her ending up with the half-human Doctor clone was romantic or creepy.  Or both.

Now on to Martha Jones.  Martha was probably the companion I’m most like, so I have a bit of a soft spot for her.  Plus, she was placed in an awkward situation as the “rebound companion.”  But watching her pine away for the Doctor episode after episode got really old.  Having been on both sides of the unrequited love thing, I felt sorry for both of them, but it went on for the entire season!  It got really depressing.  Still, Martha had probably the best ending for a a companion, when she finally confessed her feelings to the Doctor and left the TARDIS to move on with her life.  She seemed a lot gutsier in the fourth season when she showed up in a few episodes, and I feel like she had the most character development out of all the companions (well, except for Donna…).  I must say I never really saw her with MICKEY of all people, though.  Although it does seem fitting in a way, since they were both involved in a love triangle with the Doctor and Rose.

As for Amy (and Rory) Pond- I’ve never been one of those virulent Amy-haters, but I’m not a big fan of hers either.  I thought she was fairly bland as a character (which I guess is slightly odd, since she’s supposed to be so feisty and Scottish).  Maybe that’s because I rushed through the last couple seasons just before the Christmas special came out, or maybe it’s because I was obsessed with the awesomeness of River Song, but I just never really felt much one way or the other about Amy.  And I hated the way the show kept harping on the “Girl Who Waited” thing.  I liked Rory though.  He was obviously devoted to Amy, and funny in a quiet, deadpan sort of way.  I loved the episodes that focused on the Ponds’ relationship.  Especially the flashback in “Let’s Kill Hitler” when he and Amy had an argument about whether he was gay or not.  That was hilarious, and made me love Rory even more.

Finally, on to Donna Noble!  She definitely had the most character development of all the companions.  She turned from a rude, selfish, irritating, bossy control freak into a brave and caring individual.  I love how the show highlighted her underlying insecurity, and focused on her family dynamics (especially since her mother reminded me of my own…).  And it was nice to have a companion who was emphatically NOT interested in the Doctor (I love the end of the Adipose Industries episode with the confusion over “I just want a mate” vs. “You just want TO MATE.  Well, you ain’t mating with me, sunshine.”).  Although they weren’t romantically involved, you can see they had a great friendship and really cared about each other.  And David Tennant and Catherine Tate have great chemistry together! (Just look at the Doctor and Donna’s entirely nonverbal conversation in the above-mentioned episode, and you’ll see what I mean.  Also, check out their performance of “Much Ado About Nothing.”  It’s hilarious!  But I digress…).  All these factors made Donna’s end perhaps the most heart-breaking of all of them (and I thought nothing could top the Doctor’s first goodbye to Rose).  To see her beg the Doctor not to wipe her memories, even though it meant she would die, because she didn’t want to lose all she had seen and done.  And then to see her afterwards, when the Doctor said goodbye to her, and she barely even looked up from her phone conversation, since she had no idea who he was.  And to see her returned to her former personality- it was like she had died after all, but worse somehow, since she was still living, but totally unlike who she had been before.

Anyway, Donna was the best companion in my opinion, since she made me laugh hysterically throughout the fourth season (and the season 3 Christmas special), and then cry at the end.  She had a hilarious, non-angsty relationship with the Doctor, and really acted as his moral compass, more so than the other companions.  And her growth as a character was awesome- she was clearly still Donna, but a nicer and braver version.  And that made her ending all the more poignant.

I’m interested to see what they’re going to do with Clara.  I liked her much more than Amy (and Rose), but I don’t know if anyone could beat Donna as the best companion.  She was really funny and daring, but she hit on the Doctor too much for my taste.  (He belongs with River Song!  River Song!)  I hate the fact that the next episode doesn’t air until April, but since my birthday’s in April, I’m pretending the BBC just wants to give me a really awesome birthday present.

I hope you enjoyed this rambling post through the depths of my “Doctor Who” obsessed mind!  If you have anything you would like to add, please feel free to comment (either below, or on Facebook).


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